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Article by Lois Freeman | London  

Coup de Cake and Creative Therapy

How illustration graduate Honor Freeman found space for herself as an artist, baker, and social activist.

Article by Lois Freeman | London  

Creativity and Cop26: Can Art Really Make a Difference?

In a world where politicians deliver empty commitments to solving the climate crisis, does creativity have the power to ignite change?

Article by Maddy Weavers |

My Grandpa, the Counterfeiter

It was not uncommon for Romans to purchase copies of Greek sculptures. The contemporary buyer was not concerned with the authenticity of the artist but instead with the aesthetic. Yet this practice is no longer associated with appreciation. Instead, it is associated with forgery... for the most part at least.

Video | Zoom  

Fair Art Fair X Gatekeeper Panel Discussion.

Gatekeeper and Fair Art Fair have teamed up to explore how the art market can become more transparent and accessible for all.

Article by Lucy Alves | London

The Government vs. The Arts: how will education cuts affect the creative industries?

In May, it was announced that higher education funding would be cut by a whopping 50% as it was not seen as a high priority.

So, what does this actually mean for pending art students and educational institutions?

Interview by Alex Greer | London  

An Interview with Venessa Scott

Venessa Scott is a visual artist, commonly known for her public artwork. She often creates large-scale artworks such as one of the UK’s largest permanent murals.

Article by Millie Robson | London  

An Outdated Education System: A Creativity Killer?

With the odds stacked against the arts, how can we fight back and prove that creativity is vital?

Interview by Lucy Alves | London

From Art School to APOC Store: Interview with Hepzibah Lyon

Gatekeeper is sitting down with recent graduates to discuss how they have developed their practice into careers. In this series, we aim to provide insights from some of the industry’s upcoming talent into how you can understand and nurture your work.

Opinion by Joana Alarcão | London

Emerging Artists Navigating the World of Gallery Contracts

The way we perceive value is changing, and so is the art world. As it sheds its skin each season, it threatens to devour the modest and confused flock of emergent artists.

Article by Lois Freeman | London  

What is Circa Art?

A new art movement has begun. Pioneered by artist Josef O’Connor, ‘Circa Art’ is a multi-dimensional platform for artists, both emerging and established, to respond to the world, circa 2021.

Article by Iona Lowe | London  

Noble Naivety

Almost anything we want to know lies behind the click of a button or the tap of a finger; the internet enables us to access interviews, scandalous photos, and live-streamed chats from all over the world. But can you know too much? Has our society become one of intelligent consumerism?

The Blindness Pandemic

With nearly a year without a garden, millions of people pent up in cities have felt a toll. But there is another type of visual world which is starting to wither away, one which so many may overlook, the world of Art.

Article by Lois Freeman | London  

Clarke Reynolds: The Art of Braille

Artist Clarke Reynolds talks to Co-founder of Gatekeeper Magazine Lucy Alves about growing up and navigating his artistic practice alongside blindness. He tracks his journey as an artist from stacking shelves and dental design to braille installations and industry success.

Article by Natascha Ng | London

The Power of Protest? Protecting political opinions against creative censorship

Turner Prize-nominated research group, Forensic Architecture, threatens to pull their exhibition from Whitworth Gallery after the opening written statement was removed from display.

Article by Joe Moss | London

Collectable Digital Objects: why they suck and why they shouldn’t

So, what are non-fungible tokens? The common understanding of an NFT is a ‘collectible digital object’. However, more accurately, they are just little tokens that hold unique data on a network.

Article by Alex Cutts | London

Tax-free Playgrounds

International trading in the art world is common practice. With billionaire collectors being based at all corners of the globe, trades within the industry are often dealt with overseas - where pieces face monumental customs fees upon arrival. This is where freeports come in.

Do you have an interest in the commercial art market? We are always open to receiving new works, writing and proposals from like-minded creatives. Send us an email with a little bit about your practice and we can go from there!


Issue 02 ‘Indispensable’ £8

Gatekeeper launches its second issue exploring the word 'Indespensible', collaborating with exciting individuals who have shared their work and perception on the art market. Featuring work and writing from: Jonathan Barnbrook, Anastasia Fjodorova, All Mouth Gallery, Stella Botes, The New Art Gallery Walsall, Greg Rook, Migrate Art, Kengwu Yerlikaya, Tom Wilmott, Jade French.

Issue 02 ‘Indispensable’ + Original Tom Wilmott Painting £18

For every limited edition print sold, we will donate £10 to Arthouse Unlimited in line with Tom Wilmott’s Painting Pro Bono project! (Adding this to cart also includes Issue 2)

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Issue 01 ‘Transaction’ £8

Gatekeeper presents its first issue exploring the word 'Transaction', collaborating with exciting individuals who have shared their work and perception on the art market. Featuring work from: Honor Freeman / This is Not a Cult, Eline Benjaminsen, Matthew Burrows / Artist Support Pledge, Max Haiven, Charles Maddocks / Marley Gape, C-Jaye Newton, Robin Tarbet / Swap Editions.

Prefer listening? Issue 01’s Audio Read through is available on Soundcloud and Spotify!

Editor and Founder, Lucy Alves and Contributor, Charles Maddocks sit down for an audio read through of Gatekeepers first issue.

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