We are looking for passionate creatives with an interest in the commercial art market. Issue 02 will analyse the word  ‘Indispensable’, this theme will explore artists, creatives and writers current viewpoints of how the world values art.

Are you interested in this topic? Do you create art around this topic? Do you write about this topic? Fancy submitting some work? 

Have a look at our submissions guidelines : 

Please email the following information to

Please include your full name(s) and name(s) you would like to be published:

Link to portfolio/website/social media handles (this is to help promote the work):

Submission type (e.g writing – fiction and non-fiction, poetry, artwork – scans, photographs and JPEG format for magazine print. Moving Image submissions for the printed publication will need to be high  quality screenshots and we can link the moving image to our website):

Bio/artist statement/ artwork statement:

Once the above is completed then please attach your submission in high-resolution (minimum 300 dpi) JPEG images for artwork and PDF format for writing.

Please note as we are currently a start-up magazine, we are unable to offer a fee for our collaborators, we are working on ensuring Gatekeeper is able to do this in the near future. We understand the importance of paying fairly in an art world where so many are exploited. We really appreciate the support and time we receive through submissions which enables Gatekeeper to grow.

Submission Deadline: Sunday 21st February.