Audio Read Through

Issue 01 Transaction - Audio Read Through/Podcast

Editor and Founder, Lucy Alves and Contributor, Charles Maddocks sit down for an audio read through of Gatekeepers first issue.

This is free to download, there is also an option to donate on the checkout page if you are able to do so, all funds will be circulated back into Gatekeeper Magazine. 

We apologise in advance – this is a long one!! Below is a break down of features so you can listen to different segments: 

Editors Letter : 9mins33secs

Charles Maddocks : 19mins21secs

Matthew Burrows : 33mins47secs

C-Jaye Newton: 52mins17secs

Honor Freeman: 58mins21secs

Swap Editions: 1hr13mins50secs

Max Haiven: 1hr22mins40secs

Eline Benjaminsen: 1hr35mins19secs