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3 min read - Monday 20th December 2021 

How to apply for open calls and creative opportunities

By Alex Greer

Step 1 - Prepare your portfolio
  • Keep it simple and relevant. Although you have spent hours on it, those looking at it will spend minutes, so make sure to review it from that perspective.
  • Demonstrate your thinking, make sure it is clear that you have made informed creative decisions.
  • Understand the requirements for the position advertised & meet those criteria.

Find more helpful advice at:

Step 2 - Find an open call/opportunity

Some useful places to find open calls & opportunities include:

Always make sure that what they are offering is fair - Is it a fair wage? Is the open call beneficial enough to you?

Step 3 - Filling out the application / writing a cover letter
  • Introduce yourself, why do you want this opportunity? How will it benefit them and yourself?
  • Use their description of the opportunity and list each point they’re looking for and how you would provide it, use examples of your experience to support your point.
  • In the closing paragraph, keeping it brief, reinstate how perfect you are for this opportunity.

And make sure you PROOFREAD!

Step 4 - Sending the email.

  • This can be really simple as you have explained why you are perfect for the role in your cover letter/ application!
  • Just explain that you are emailing to apply for the (open call/role of….) & that you have attached the relevant files necessary for this application.
  • Thank them for considering your application and express that you are looking forward to hearing from them.
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