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1 min read - Monday 11th October 2021 
Fair Art Fair X Gatekeeper Panel Discussion.
Time to Change the Top-down Industry

Gatekeeper and Fair Art Fair have teamed up to explore how the art market can become more transparent and accessible for all, liberating the artist and the consumer.

We recognise the innovation within the sector to shake up the winner-takes-all market model. To ignite further change the conversations must continue. For that reason we invite you to join our live discussion panel exploring how we can change this top-down industry. Join leading disruptors in the sector as we ask and discuss new ideas and economies for the art world.

Our panelists:

Stacie McCormick

Multi-disciplinary artist Stacie McCormick is Los Angeles-born and London-based. She runs the not-for-profit Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop, an exhibition and residency space supporting emerging artists. She has just launched her new app, Fair Art Fair, an artist-centred digital platform.

Matthew Burrows

Artist and Founder of Artist Support Pledge (ASP), an Instagram, hashtag-based initiative. ASP offers an alternative economy based on a culture of trust and generosity, giving agency back to artists. The initiative is now estimated to have generated £180 million in Art Sales around the world.

Mollie Balshaw

Mollie Balshaw is an artist based at Islington Mill exploring non-binary identity through painting. They are also Director of Short Supply, an arts organisation founded to bridge the gap between early-career artists and the more established art world.

Sachiko Osawa

Sachiko Osawa founded Yami-Ichi, an auction with a difference. Challenging the perception of art as a commodity, Yami-Ichi saw artists exchange their work, not for money but other people’s skills, services and objects.

If you have missed it don’t worry - you can check out the full panel discussion via the video. 

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