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At Gatekeeper, we believe that artists’ careers should not be controlled and dictated by a higher power - *hint* our name is ironic. Instead of picking and choosing works of art subjectively, we research an eclectic mixture of art, writing and initiatives that tackle the enormous topic of the art market.

We are currently taking a well needed break until October - you can check out our Journal in the meantime and even pick up a copy of ISSUE 03! We are still fulfilling orders as normal. 

We then collate these ideas together in a printed publication, and inbetween issues through our journal.

We have always debated the idea of selling our magazine, which features so many important articles, as we realise this is not always the most inclusive option. Therefore, we also have made it an essential objective to have a free audio read-through of every issue we put out.

As a team made up of creative individuals, we feel the printed format also works well in reflecting the artworks included in each issue. It also highlights the importance of print during an age where so much is digitalised. It is nice to have a break from the screen and have something more tangible every once in a while. 

Gatekeeper Magazine was formed in 2020 by Artist Lucy Alves and Journalist Natascha Ng. Launching a magazine during the start of a global pandemic was no easy feat but we found it so encouraging how generous and helpful so many people were in kickstarting this project. We would like to thank everyone who has gotten on board with Gatekeeper, from voluntary submissions in our first issue to each follower that makes up our amazing readership and support base.

All additional money we make circulates directly back into projects within Gatekeeper and helps build a sustainable future for the company.

We are excited to be working with Ra and Olly LTD, a magazine distribution service that has been in the industry for 51 years. Find out more about them here

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